Qualia Night Reviews

Courtney C. - 2020-03-20
I saw a complete 180 of my sleeping habits and how rested I was the next morning.
Tonya T. - 2020-03-19 | Beta Tester
When taken with dinner this product slows down the second wind I usually experience when I should be getting ready to go to bed. The product helped me sleep through the night with improved REM and deep sleep. The thing I liked the most was how quickly I felt awake in the morning, not groggy. Thank you!
Mary Jo K. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
I had a great experience with this product, and I really noticed significant benefits in weeks 3 and 4, where my productivity increased quite a bit.
Michelle C. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
I experienced a noticeable increase in energy, productivity, and endurance. I would like to start using it full time!
James F. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
It promoted evening relaxation and sound sleep. But what I found most remarkable was the improved HRV.
Jamison F. - 2020-03-18
I thoroughly enjoyed rest & relaxition when getting ready for bed. Taking around 3 hours before then with no food was optimal for my sleep. This product peoduced colorful, REM enhancing dreams which gave me a sense of restfulness when waking. During the day my Long term memory enhancement came natually without any sensation of a caffeine high, as you'd expect. I'd definitely recommend taking the product with 2 days off for optimal performance.
Anna P. - 2020-03-18
I used to struggle with staying asleep through the night. With this product I eased into a deep sleep, didn’t wake up in the middle of the night like I used to and remember my dreams. If I woke up I was able to fall right back into a deep sleep. I felt rested when I woke up and ready to start my day.
marilyn d. - 2020-03-18
Slept better while taking it, and had a calm relaxed energy while awake on it.
Rachel K. - 2020-03-18
Quick to sleep. Woke up rested and not drowsy.
Chad C. - 2020-03-18
The product me help fall a sleep and get a great night of rest
Drew B. - 2020-03-18
While taking this product, I have been able to fall asleep much earlier. I have been sleeping very deeply and waking up feeling refreshed and energized. I notice my dreams are very vivid and I remember them a lot more than normal. Taking this product was very helpful in keeping and maintaining a regular sleep schedule.
jean m. - 2020-03-18
Very good, felt much better while taking the product!
raymond m. - 2022-02-18
Qualia Night is phenomenal, allowing me to get much needed deep sleep!
brandon j. - 2022-01-17
I just got the product, so I'm looking forward to testing its effectiveness. The customer service has been responsive and thorough.
Christopher A. - 2022-01-07
This definitely helps me get higher quality sleep according to my FitBit sense and Oura ring
Jeanne S. - 2021-11-09
I was skeptical of this product, but I felt rested upon waking up for the first time in weeks.
Vincent A. - 2021-08-21
This stuff is amazing 👏
Brandon C. - 2021-07-22
I have found improved sleep with this product.
Patricia M. - 2021-07-01
since i've been using your product, i have noticed that i've been sleeping very deeply for the first 2 to 3 hours of the night, which hasn't happened to me in a very long time.
Marcus L. - 2021-06-18
I take it 4, sometimes 3 hours before lights out and it's really been helping me transition from my 12 hour hair on fire work shifts towards recharging my brain, body and soul during the 7-8 hours of sleep. Your recommendation of 5 days on & 2 days off the product is working 5 by 5 for me. Thanx!
Toni M. - 2021-02-22
This is my 3rd week. My 1st night was a big wow. I slept 7 hrs. and I felt very lifted energy wise and mentally still. I do have my nights when I wake up @ 4 AM. Hopefully that will be reduced.
Nancy S. - 2020-11-18
At the end of my first month of taking Qualia Night, I’m now reliably sleep 7-8 hours - a significant improvement! As a result, I’ve decided to be a monthly subscriber and I’ll definitely comment more descriptively after a few months of regular use.
kristin w. - 2020-09-02
I liked that this product didn't hard shutdown my system shortly after taking it. It seemed to naturally & seamlessly encourage my personal composition to help me sleep deeper & stay asleep without any hangover in the morning. My energy levels felt as though they'd been wound back to a decade ago.
Aaron M. - 2020-08-27
The first night I didn’t notice much of a difference but by the third night I was waking up well rested and energized
Matt H. - 2020-08-23
Full disclosure, I already sleep good (huge fan of Eternus). Took me several years to dial it all in. However, what I wanted out of this product was an increase to HRV. I never saw an increase to HRV. With that said, HRV IMO is far more complex than a supplement. While HRV is obviously a good bio-metric training tool, it is also a measurement of your overall state of mind. Eternus was part of my equation when learning to dial it all in. While this product did not do what I wanted it to, it do...Read more.