Qualia Night Reviews

Devon S. - 2020-07-08 | Beta Tester
I got very restful And quality sleep each night without feeling overly drowsy the night before or then next morning. Qualia night is different from any other sleep aid because rather than forcing your body to fall asleep, it Naturally supports and up regulates all the systems responsible for a deep and restful Sleep
Sean P. - 2020-07-08 | Beta Tester
Was very surprised after the first night. Woke up feeling very refreshed and my watch (Suunto 9 baro) recorded 86% sleep quality and over 2 hrs of deep sleep. I’ve never had above 62% sleep quality before in the six months I’ve owned the watch. The remaining nights were similar.
rex w. - 2020-07-07 | Beta Tester
Night has supported a deeper sleep and seems to help me stay asleep all night. I have felt more rested when taking it and seem to fall asleep easier than on nights when I don't take it.
Pranava A. - 2020-07-07 | Beta Tester
Draven P. - 2020-07-07 | Beta Tester
I usually only stay asleep for 2 to 4 hours at a time. After a few days of taking Qualia Night, I have been able to stay asleep for 6 hours without waking! Now I only wake up one time early morning and its easy to fall back asleep for the last hour or two of sleep. I definitely have way more energy throughout the day. I feel more motivated and a lot happier! l used to have to wake up and go back to sleep 3 or 4 times throughout the night to get a full 8 hours of sleep. But the quality was not...Read more.
AIMEE S. - 2020-07-07 | Beta Tester
I felt that I fell asleep faster and slept more deeply. I would definitely take this supplement on a regular basis.
Mike G. - 2020-07-07 | Beta Tester
Product didnt make me drowsy but I did feel very relaxed and calm. I woke up this morning and felt rather well rested - work throughout the day has been well focused.
coleman i. - 2020-07-07
Loved it. Felt markedly refreshed in the mornings and was able to fall asleep much faster than normal. If I wasn’t a broke ass musician I’d buy this along with my monthly Qualia!
Richard C. - 2020-07-06 | Beta Tester
I took this each evening a couple hours before bed. It made me relaxed and calm over time, making it easier to sleep. I felt calmly rested the next day.
kore A. - 2020-07-05 | Beta Tester
Huzzah! Quality Sleep. Qualia Sleep takes the worries of the world away- finally I am able to just drift off to sleep and stay deep asleep through an entire night. Wish I had this sooner! Would have kept me from many years of staying up worrying instead of getting my beauty sleep and deep rejuvenation.
Jacob M. - 2020-07-04 | Beta Tester
I found it to relax me subtly and enhance my wind down leading up to bedtime. My sleep was deeper and more productive. My sleep latency remained unchanged as expected. Overall, a beneficial start to a new product.
Brad M. - 2020-07-04 | Beta Tester
I began taking 'Night' on July 2nd, ideal timing considering my average sleep score was a sub-optimal 71 for the previous week (Oura data). My experience was nothing short of wonder. After five nights of taking the product my average sleep score leapt up to 85. Each day that followed I experienced a noticeable cognitive sharpness, an extra gear while training and an overall sense of wellness. Just like with 'Mind'...once again, you have crafted a product for sleep which for me, over deliv...Read more.
Brian S. - 2020-07-04
Although subtle, I feel like I slept better. My fitness tracker says i increased my deep sleep. I did not wake up during the last several nights when taking this product, which is the norm. I am very interested in trying this product longer term to see if these results hold up.
Korey H. - 2020-07-04 | Beta Tester
Calmer, deeper, less restless sleep. Seemed to be able to fall asleep a little quicker.
Debra W. - 2020-07-03 | Beta Tester
I slept better and my overall mood has been a little lighter. My HRV is better too.
John J. - 2020-07-03 | Beta Tester
I feel Qualia Night helped optimize my sleep, from beginning to end. I was able to fall asleep with ease and get up with ease as well. During the night I woke up less, only to go to the bathroom mostly, and found that I had longer periods of deep sleep. The true benefit came from my waking hours though. I've been a regular user of Qualia Focus, and the two paired together seemed to increase my productivity, helped me keep a better mood during stressful moments, and provided a clarity that kep...Read more.
Casey F. - 2020-07-03 | Beta Tester
Phenomenal effect. The pressure to sleep builds without causing undesirable drowsiness and the restful burst of energy upon awaking is well worth it.
Linda D. - 2020-07-03 | Beta Tester
For several years, sleeping through the night has been a challenge. I slept my first full night by Day Three on Qualia Night, and these last two nights as well. I feel so much more rested.
Nichelle C. - 2020-07-02 | Beta Tester
This seems to be a very well thought sleep pill. The ingredients are, for me, perfect and precisely what I need. I am in love with this qualia. I hope to get some soon. When I woke up, I felt amazing! I slept through the night, and my Oura indicated that I, on each night of taking this product, had almost two hours of both deep and rem sleep. I’m sold, I love you guys so much, thanks for making me happy. I appreciate it.
lauren C. - 2020-07-02 | Beta Tester
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Antonio D. - 2020-03-30 | Beta Tester
It relaxed me before bed, and increased my deep sleep score!
Giedrius R. - 2020-03-24
I knew that sleep and rest were important for my performance so I've tried using melatonin a few months ago to improve my sleep quality but that would make me drowsy and lethargic in the morning with a clouded mind. When I've tried Neurohacker Collective's new Rejuvenate product, I could feel the positive effect of it from the first night I took it. I felt more relaxed right before bedtime without feeling drowsy. I could stay asleep without interruptions. And I was waking up feeling more en...Read more.
Doug M. - 2020-03-22
Slept great! Definitely looked forward to taking it every evening, I rested well and was ready for the next day. Specifically noticed lower resting heart rate and improved HRV (via Oura), was able to train harder (6 days per week) and feel recovered.
Victoria L. - 2020-03-20
I liked it even though I didn’t know what it was supposed to do. I slept great!!!
Courtney C. - 2020-03-20
I saw a complete 180 of my sleeping habits and how rested I was the next morning.