Qualia Night Reviews

jean m. - 2020-03-18
Very good, felt much better while taking the product!
Jonathan D. - 2023-11-05
If I have the ability to update my review here, I will. But I'm still pretty new to using this product and it's difficult to tell the difference. My nights have been difficult prior to this product and I've used lots of other supplements, and it's always been hit or miss, so it's hard to tell if this product is actually helping me. But I do like the ingredients and I think it does help, in fact, probably quite a bit as my mind is less stressed
Laura F. - 2023-09-06
Product arrived quickly. Impressed with ingredients. Anticipate good nights sleep. Will update after tried for a week or more.
Brian M. - 2023-08-11
I've tried numerous sleep supplements and Q Night is the only one that seems to work subjectively in terms of how I feel and objectively based on the nights oura ring data. I'd make it 5 out of 5 if not for the price
Pepper A. - 2023-06-22
I have been getting some of the deepest sleep in my life since taking the qualia night
Kendra L. - 2023-04-11
This product seems to work well. It definitely helps with going back to sleep when I wake up.
Maria G. - 2023-03-16
I am still new to taking this product. But I am starting to see consistency is key. As i have begun to add to my daily scheduled, taking it right after dinner, without missing a day, I am starting to recognize my REM sleep is longer, my time asleep is longer and my ability to get up with ease at 5am is improving!
Kai L. - 2023-03-07
Have used this for a month and have seen improvements with my sleep score where I'm getting more deep sleep. Also taking Mind and Resilience to offset some major stressors. Definitely will be continuing this regimen for awhile. Pricey but improved quality of life is priceless in the long run.
Amy V. - 2023-02-05
Seems to help me sleep better.
Bo J. - 2022-11-20
I genuinely like these and have seen great results in my deep sleep by tracking how long I stay in the REM. This has given me what I believe to be more energy through the day without any groggy feelings in the morning! I never had a bad moment with these and would recommend if the price wasn’t so awful, hence the 4/5 rating. Thanks for reading.
Cherrie I. - 2022-11-12
I kept ordering Qualia night because this is the only product that works for me when it comes to sleep. I tried every product including melatonin, herbal teas, prescription drugs, etc and nothing really worked. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 stars is the price. But I am willing to pay for something that really works.
Thomas B. - 2022-09-28
Great for deeper sleep, more clarity, and more energy the next day
Chris S. - 2022-09-21
Feel better rested the following day
Nathan B. - 2022-07-29
I'm a huge fan of the mental boost I've gotten from the Qualia "Mind", will likely try the caffeine free version as well. My only qualm is the bundle price for the Mind, Life, and Night. The subscription would make more sense given the intro price is held
raymond m. - 2022-02-18
Qualia Night is phenomenal, allowing me to get much needed deep sleep!
brandon j. - 2022-01-17
I just got the product, so I'm looking forward to testing its effectiveness. The customer service has been responsive and thorough.
Christopher A. - 2022-01-07
This definitely helps me get higher quality sleep according to my FitBit sense and Oura ring
Jeanne S. - 2021-11-09
I was skeptical of this product, but I felt rested upon waking up for the first time in weeks.
Vincent A. - 2021-08-21
This stuff is amazing 👏
Brandon C. - 2021-07-22
I have found improved sleep with this product.
Patricia M. - 2021-07-01
since i've been using your product, i have noticed that i've been sleeping very deeply for the first 2 to 3 hours of the night, which hasn't happened to me in a very long time.
Marcus L. - 2021-06-18
I take it 4, sometimes 3 hours before lights out and it's really been helping me transition from my 12 hour hair on fire work shifts towards recharging my brain, body and soul during the 7-8 hours of sleep. Your recommendation of 5 days on & 2 days off the product is working 5 by 5 for me. Thanx!
Toni M. - 2021-02-22
This is my 3rd week. My 1st night was a big wow. I slept 7 hrs. and I felt very lifted energy wise and mentally still. I do have my nights when I wake up @ 4 AM. Hopefully that will be reduced.
Nancy S. - 2020-11-18
At the end of my first month of taking Qualia Night, I’m now reliably sleep 7-8 hours - a significant improvement! As a result, I’ve decided to be a monthly subscriber and I’ll definitely comment more descriptively after a few months of regular use.
kristin w. - 2020-09-02
I liked that this product didn't hard shutdown my system shortly after taking it. It seemed to naturally & seamlessly encourage my personal composition to help me sleep deeper & stay asleep without any hangover in the morning. My energy levels felt as though they'd been wound back to a decade ago.