Qualia Night Reviews

Dane E. - 2020-03-19
I did not notice a marked improvement in getting to sleep using this product. I believe I had a more quality sleep because of the product. I don’t know if I would purchase it in the future as I don’t have a hard time sleeping historically.
Sue G. - 2020-03-19
A lot of pills to take every night As I am a Qualia Mind user than I have 4-6 more in the morning! Good affects but feel like I can take some melatonin and a few sprays of a natural sleep herbal remedy and get similar effect. A little groggy in-the morning but shakes off fairly quickly mor
Jorge W. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
Seems the product is really close to providing evening and morning effects. Seems my primary benefit was sleep quality of an evening and some improved waking up experience. I'd like to have a better impact on relaxation of an evening, and feeling refreshed in the morning.
Leon B. - 2020-03-18
I had some difficulty with the product but it did improve my deep sleep.
rick v. - 2020-03-18
Not sure what to make of it. My direct experience and Oura ring sleep data would suggest not much difference
Matthew J. - 2020-03-18
Some benefits in falling asleep, also seemed liked my sleep was compressed, higher quality but shorter duration. Would like to have tried every day dosing or more caps to see if it helped more.
Jon P. - 2021-09-07
Hasn’t really worked for me after 3 weeks. No noticeable difference to quality of my sleep. Maybe it helps good sleepers to sleep more deeply but it certainly won’t fix chronic insomnia.
Stephen H. - 2021-09-07
Very expensive and didn’t feel any effects from either . 2 star because the ingredients looked great … won’t be purchasing again. If you want to throw a product my way , maybe I got a bad batch ? I thought this was really going to be the thing to help me so I’m really sad.
Tami K. - 2021-07-01
I tried these supplements to help with sleep and focus. I had no improvement in either. I actually felt nauseous for the first few days taking the pills and stopped when nothing improved.
Mike W. - 2021-05-07
Worked the first night. Didn't work after that.
Carrie G. - 2021-02-10
No help here that I could notice. Disappointed.
Chris M. - 2021-01-16
Didn’t have a positive effect
Joanne M. - 2020-11-23
I tried it for a month and really didn't notice anything. I was hoping for better.
Erica D. - 2020-09-02
The timing of when I was to take the product was really a challenge, as it did not coincide with mealtime or any other time when I'd be taking other supplements. I also did not feel any discernible change in my sleep that I could attribute to the product.
Hans S. - 2020-08-31
Unfortunately, doesn't work...
Clark U. - 2020-08-24
Used for one month following the directions but saw no discernable improvement in sleep parameters (deep sleep, rem, duration, etc).
Kurtis W. - 2020-08-11
After using Qualia Night for a couple of weeks, it was clear that this was not for me. It relaxed me at night, and made me fall asleep faster. But I would wake in the middle of the night sweaty and anxious (which is definitely not normal for me). I dreamt vivid, disruptive dreams. I would wake up exhausted. The morning after the last night I took it, I woke up having an anxiety attack. I haven't had any kind of anxiety attack in over a year, and never ever have just woke up in the morning wit...Read more.
Yarlie B. - 2020-08-11
This expensive product didn't deliver what I expected. It didn't help me fall nor remain sleeping. I am still looking for another that does both.I bought it based on its good reviews. Apparently it works for others. Unfortunately it didn't for me.
Clare J. - 2020-07-30
I didn’t notice any difference
Nicholas M. - 2020-07-24
I didnt notice much effect at all on sleeping, it helped me relax a little bit but actually had me feeling wired.
Drake K. - 2020-07-20
Didn’t notice much of a difference
Mac Y. - 2020-07-20
Overall, I didn't notice any difference in my sleep, either in terms of quality, ease of falling asleep, or restedness and energy levels the next day. No negatives either — it seems any effects were too subtle for me to pick up on over 5 days. I am generally pretty satisfied with my 'sleep hygiene' to begin with, so it's possible someone starting from a less desirable baseline might be better served. The one issue I do experience is the occasional night where I can't fall asleep at my regular...Read more.
Kyle H. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
I take a long time to wake up, partially because I regularly only get 6-7 hrs. I found that I woke up about 2 hours before my alarm with a fresh mind. If I went back to sleep, which I usually did, it felt like I was breaking through hibernation. It was extremely difficult to get up. I started taking it earlier in the evening thinking I took it too late and the same thing happened. I took it at 4pm one day and that was a solid night with a good, heavy workout the next morning. I think another ...Read more.
Charlene V. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
I found 4 pills to be too much. I slept for 11 hours and felt like I could have slept 4 more. When I got up I felt a bit groggy. 2 pills worked better for me. I like the calming effect it had before I went to sleep. I felling of my body winding down and the relaxing was effective. I noticed my dreams were much more vivid but i also felt a little anxious in them. Almost like my brain was working overtime while asleep. I have a spinal cord injury so it seemed to put me into my sympathetic nervo...Read more.
Jonathan T. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
It works, especially during a heavy workload week, but I had stomach issues. The second day and the last day I had unusual bowel movements including diarrhea. I missed Friday's dosage and so took it the following Monday. One or two of the nights I took it too late, like right before bedtime and not a few hours before as instructed. I could tell the quality of my sleep was slightly improved but not enough to warrant staying on the product long term.