Qualia Night Reviews

Mark F. - 2020-03-20
An effective - albeit subtle product. It certainly improved my sleep over time when taking it, I was able to fall asleep more easily when I intended to instead of saying up too late. It also allowed me to wake up more early, and feel more energetic during the day. I noticed an increase in my drive to exercise and move more during the day. My sleep wasn't terrible before taking this product, so I wouldn't say I noticed incredible benefits, but I've certainly experienced improvements while taki...Read more.
Jonathan W. - 2020-03-20 | Beta Tester
Some days I woke up feeling really refreshed. Other days, not so much...but then again I have a 1 year old who wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes. Even so I had a good experience taking the product. I would certainly consider taking in the future depending on price range.
Leland S. - 2020-03-20 | Beta Tester
I've had sleep issues my entire life. While taking this I definitely slept longer and had a deeper sleep. No grogginess in the morning.
Scott S. - 2020-03-19
Great product. Just didn't like having to cycle on and off of it.
Doug C. - 2020-03-19 | Beta Tester
4 pills was way too many for me. made me feel laggy and couldn't never get in the groove. Switched to 2 pills and it was perfect. Got great sleep and woke up energized
mark n. - 2020-03-19
I definitely slept better, less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and if I did wake up had better success of falling back to sleep. Normally when I do wake up without taking this product my mind in ready to go first thing, while on this I was a bit more groggy in the morning and needed time to ramp up. Once I did ramp up I had more consistent energy throughout the day, vs when not on the product I would have a mid day slump.
Heather D. - 2020-03-19
I really appreciated how the product improved my deep sleep. Whereas generally I get a small amount of deep sleep right after going to bed on this product I found longer periods of deep sleep spread throughout the night. It also seemed to help with getting back to sleep easier when I would wake up in the middle of the night.
Matt B. - 2020-03-19
I did feel much more alert and ready for the day the next morning. I didn't necessarily feel like my sleep was any better, I still had nights where I was still wide awake at bed time, or would wake up in the night. There was a little more calm feeling in the evening after taking it. Overall, the way you feel the next day after a night's sleep means more than anything, and I did experience noticeable improvement the following day.
Christie F. - 2020-03-19
I believe the product helped me stay asleep and not wake up four hours after falling asleep.
James F. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
I defintely slept better on the product and work up feeling well rested and ready to go in the AM.
Dale M. - 2020-03-18
This product helped with onset of sleep and keeping me asleep through the night. Mornings I felt more alert and well rested and this set me up for great days.
Glenn H. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
Sleep latency and efficiency were slightly improved. Sleep fragmentation was greatly improved. The vividness of dreams was enhanced and my memories of them were retained well into the day.
Lauri M. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
Overall, I had a pleasant experience using the product. It did help me wind down at night, although I also continued my melatonin. In general, I woke refreshed other than maybe the first morning and one other when I had a headache unrelated to the product. My energy seemed good the day after.
Jesse R. - 2020-03-18
very relaxing and deep sleep however it did make me sleep more in morning more than usual
Tyler W. - 2020-03-18
The improvements on the product were very incremental, so I did not realize how impactful the product was until I stopped using it. That being said, I don't think the Oura data was truly representative to the subjective restorative benefits I felt. Sleep onset was perfect, but restfullness (staying asleep) was not as great as expected hence why I gave the product 4 stars. That being said, my energy and mental clarity in the mornings was GREAT!!!
thomas T. - 2022-07-09
It didn't have the effect that I thought it would .
Diane S. - 2022-05-03
I was surprised it has NO Melatonin in it. Why not?
Thessa W. - 2022-04-19
Made me a little groggy when getting up in the AM
Andrea C. - 2022-03-21
I had high hopes for Quaila Night and still have a few weeks left. It was nothing great, and maybe helps but only more time will tell. Sometimes these supplements take a while to work things in your body out so I'm still up for trying.
K C. - 2022-03-12
I have always had a pretty difficult time with sleeping and was thrilled when these worked for me the first night. I am also very conscientious about what supplements to take. I take L-theanine and melatonin each night. For some reason, I felt like I needed to take more of my melatonin with this going third night and going forward. I stopped taking them since it was 4 pills to take and it became too much for not noticing any benefit.
jennifer g. - 2022-02-15
I am someone who has issues with deep sleep - meaning, i get 8-9 hrs and am still tired. I am just finishing my 1st month, i haven't noticed anything life changing, but possibly some improvement. I plan to give it 3 months to determine if it works.
Elizabeth G. - 2021-12-11
I only had the one bottle of Qualia Night, so far but I did notice a little improvement on my sleep quality and w0ke up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day than before I started using Qualia Night. I think for me to give a better review I would have to take it for a least a month 2 without a break to get the full effects of the product.
LAURA M. - 2021-09-30
My sleep issues are deep and multi-faceted but waiting and hoping this will make a difference.
Brenda T. - 2021-07-25
This really helps me to relax and fall asleep fairly easy. However I do not stay asleep. Still toss and turn!
Tamara V. - 2021-03-05
Regretfully, my experience with it wasn't great, or perhaps my expectations were too high. For the first week of taking it, my sleep got worse, and it got back to my base sleep pattern during the second week - sometimes having trouble falling asleep and 2-3 times waking up during the night with being up for at least one hour each time.