Qualia Night Reviews

Kellie M. - 2020-07-02 | Beta Tester
I did experience more lucid moments in the days after taking the product. Because of the incredibly short period of time offered to take and review it’s hard to tell if the up swing was due to the product or just the regular rhythm of life taking an upswing. I don’t think it helped me have more restful sleep throughout the night, but after my morning rituals of waking I think I did feel more clear and rested. If I had been allowed to take this product for a whole week I think I could have a c...Read more.
Sridhar S. - 2020-03-21
I did not see any change in anything. I did not suffer any adverse effects either.
Taylor Berkley B. - 2020-03-19
I had no negative experience with this product at all but at the same time, no overtly positive one either. I did not see any significant increase in sleep quantity or quality during the duration of this test and my personal issue, not getting enough Deep Sleep, was not really impacted at all.
Dane E. - 2020-03-19
I did not notice a marked improvement in getting to sleep using this product. I believe I had a more quality sleep because of the product. I don’t know if I would purchase it in the future as I don’t have a hard time sleeping historically.
Sue G. - 2020-03-19
A lot of pills to take every night As I am a Qualia Mind user than I have 4-6 more in the morning! Good affects but feel like I can take some melatonin and a few sprays of a natural sleep herbal remedy and get similar effect. A little groggy in-the morning but shakes off fairly quickly mor
Jorge W. - 2020-03-18 | Beta Tester
Seems the product is really close to providing evening and morning effects. Seems my primary benefit was sleep quality of an evening and some improved waking up experience. I'd like to have a better impact on relaxation of an evening, and feeling refreshed in the morning.
Leon B. - 2020-03-18
I had some difficulty with the product but it did improve my deep sleep.
rick v. - 2020-03-18
Not sure what to make of it. My direct experience and Oura ring sleep data would suggest not much difference
Matthew J. - 2020-03-18
Some benefits in falling asleep, also seemed liked my sleep was compressed, higher quality but shorter duration. Would like to have tried every day dosing or more caps to see if it helped more.
Brian P. - 2022-06-27
I ordered the performance bundle, and the qualia night was missing from the package.
Adriane D. - 2022-06-18
Qualia Night did nothing to help me get tired or sleep better, however it would help me feel more rested the following morning. Used as directed in conjunction with night time blue blockers, no screens 2 hours prior to bed, no caffeine past 3pm, and no meals after 6pm for 9pm bedtime.
Jill Z. - 2022-03-29
it isn't the savior for my sleep issues that I had hoped it would be.
Rody W. - 2022-02-19
I took this for a couple of weeks. Did not notice a difference in my sleep. I am 59 year old male and sleep Ok, but frequently wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep and then when going back to sleep, frequently don't sleep well after that. This product didn't really help, at all. Nothing negative about it, just didn't even notice, like I hadn't taken it at all. No difference in sleep.
Robin M. - 2021-12-11
I find it hard to remember to take this product at dinner time. Because of this, I haven’t taken it consistently enough to see any results. I hope once it becomes a habit I will sleep better. I’m still waking up and not getting back to sleep.
Rod A. - 2021-12-09
I really can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in the month I’ve been taking it. I can’t say I feel any more rested or sleep any better than before.
Jon P. - 2021-09-07
Hasn’t really worked for me after 3 weeks. No noticeable difference to quality of my sleep. Maybe it helps good sleepers to sleep more deeply but it certainly won’t fix chronic insomnia.
Stephen H. - 2021-09-07
Very expensive and didn’t feel any effects from either . 2 star because the ingredients looked great … won’t be purchasing again. If you want to throw a product my way , maybe I got a bad batch ? I thought this was really going to be the thing to help me so I’m really sad.
Tami K. - 2021-07-01
I tried these supplements to help with sleep and focus. I had no improvement in either. I actually felt nauseous for the first few days taking the pills and stopped when nothing improved.
Mike W. - 2021-05-07
Worked the first night. Didn't work after that.
Carrie G. - 2021-02-10
No help here that I could notice. Disappointed.
Chris M. - 2021-01-16
Didn’t have a positive effect
Joanne M. - 2020-11-23
I tried it for a month and really didn't notice anything. I was hoping for better.
Erica D. - 2020-09-02
The timing of when I was to take the product was really a challenge, as it did not coincide with mealtime or any other time when I'd be taking other supplements. I also did not feel any discernible change in my sleep that I could attribute to the product.
Hans S. - 2020-08-31
Unfortunately, doesn't work...
Clark U. - 2020-08-24
Used for one month following the directions but saw no discernable improvement in sleep parameters (deep sleep, rem, duration, etc).