Qualia Senolytic Reviews

Steven T. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
Very nice packaging. A mix of very good ingredients at the right dosage. Would like to be able to try this product for a longer timeframe to see what results it can deliver.Excellent packaging! Great ingredients that are science backed
Lara V. - 2022-06-02 | Beta Tester
You know you're getting benefits when you get up, move around, go through your daily routine without thinking about it. Only later you realize you didn't have symptoms associated with those activities. As a scientist, I am reluctant to attribute a direct causal relationship to a single anecdotal event or usage of a product but my initial self-assessment of using this product seems promising. As a scientist and functional medicine nutrition and lifestyle counselor, I am a major science nerd wi...Read more.
Andrew T. - 2022-06-01 | Beta Tester
I believe the product will work, but I didn't notice much after only 2 doses. My skin feels different is the only thing I could possibly attribute to this. Science seems solid, packaging was top notch and gave a great description.
Michele L. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
The ingredients are seemingly well researched and backed by science. Concerned a bit by the addition of soy but otherwise, quite happy with the blend and the dosing.Great packaging and logo and design. We’ll researched and studied ingredients. Cutting edge and next level!
Synna K. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
I didn’t feel a whole lot except really tired. I slept a lot while on this. But today I fell like getting things done and I haven’t felt that for a bit. So I am already happy with the product.The science is sound and interesting. The packing was perfect, the service wonderful and on time. I am pleased with the results today, although I wasn’t sure what to expect ,I already feel like I have an energy that wasn’t there last week. So hats off to another wonderful product
mark n. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Qualia products are an experience as much as they are a remedy. The packing is worthy of a unboxing video in itself, beautifully designed and I know how odd this sounds but the feel of the box was soft and silky, just wonderful packing design.Best packaging for pills I have ever seen, crisp and bright labeling and feels very nice to the touch. Would love to know what kinda printing this is. Also hope its ecology friendly and biodegradable.
Cameron D. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
This new supplement gave me what I perceived to be increased energy after the second day of use. It has potential to be a game changer in the ever growing niche of aging supplements. I look forward to seeing how it impacts lives in a positive manner.The science seems to be sound and reasonable. The packaging and name of the product is appealing and likely will gather some research from potential customers. I would have liked an insert or something more inside the packaging to tell me how each...Read more.
Dea T. - 2021-12-21 | Beta Tester
I noticed a dramatic relief after the second round of taking the product.
Catherine M. - 2021-12-20 | Beta Tester
I can't say definitively if there were any positive effects from taking the Senolytics pills. I think over time they would be beneficial.
Drew F. - 2022-06-15 | Beta Tester
The product made me dizzy and light headed. First time taken without food, second time with food and still felt out of it. Sound science, packaging and service but the product didn’t do well for me.
Deirdre B. - 2022-06-09 | Beta Tester
Its only been few days so perhaps as me in a few weeks :)
Roy A. - 2022-06-07 | Beta Tester
I did not notice any physical changes after 2 daily doses. I did like the packaging that the capsules came in, and I appreciated the information regarding the target of these supplements. I also was happy I did not have any side affects.
Mike M. - 2022-06-06 | Beta Tester
Love the idea. Might have helped after an active weekend. Want to try it again. Interesting science. Nice to have it packaged in 2 doses.
Nick R. - 2022-06-06 | Beta Tester
Unfortunately I saw almost no effect from this whatsoever.The science made sense. The results were underwhelming. Still grateful to have tried it.
Jonathan L. - 2022-06-04 | Beta Tester
I gave it 3 stars because I like the idea that someone is working on this science. I didn’t give it more because I noticed no effect from this product yet.I liked that I didn’t have to take it everyday. I liked the capsules were a little smaller. I like that cleaning your body of zombie cells is a science that is being worked on.
Jacob V. - 2022-06-01 | Beta Tester
I could say after the first hour I gained a little energy but after it felt like my energy was completely depleted.I like the idea behind the product
Jay R. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
I wish the trail would have been longer to make a better opinionI think this product would be great Themis a need for busy people like me The packaging look great thank you
Dion B. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
After only 2 days of taking the product their have been no significant changes that I've noticed, although I was slightly less sore upon waking up each morning.The packaging was very nice, as was the ingredients listing. One thing that could have been better, would be to have instructions on whether to take the dosage all at once or spread it out throughout the day.
Konner M. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
I didn't see any benefit after taking it. I took it as was recommended on the box but I didn't notice any difference in the days following. While I didn't notice an effect based on the ingredients and science behind it I assume that its helping.After thoroughly researching the ingredients the science looks sound and is presented vary clearly and digestible as a consumer. The packaging is slick and helps draw the eye. All in all a very well done experience.
Matt V. - 2021-12-21 | Beta Tester
Nothing at this time
Brayam M. - 2021-12-20 | Beta Tester
Do not take with qualia mind
Cori C. - 2022-06-12 | Beta Tester
A 2 day dose really was not enough to make an informed opinion. Packaging was neat and clean looking.
Mikel H. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Seems promising, but it's too expensive for me to find out.I like the idea of only have to take a supplement twice a month.
Lee C. - 2022-06-11 | Beta Tester
Well, there were no negative effects but no noticeable positive effect for me either. I hate to give it only one star, because I like the company and have used some of their other products. But, for the short-term trial of SENOLYTIC, I just didn't see any change at all. Packaging, great. Service, great. Science? The ingredients might have had some apparent effect in prior trials/studies, but unfortunately, for me there was no effect.
Joe M. - 2021-12-17 | Beta Tester
I think it's a placebo.