Qualia Vision Reviews

Marina Z. - 2022-08-06
good product, helps my eyes
Sheryl H. - 2022-08-02
Love how I feel after taking for short time!
David K. - 2022-06-24
I work in front of multiple screens for many hours every day, and since taking Qualia Vision, I have noticed a considerable decline in eye fatigue.
Andrew H. - 2022-04-08
Can tell right away that the surface of my eye is enriched; also a pleasant taste to the supplement.
Hoa N. - 2022-03-29
Great product!
Nicholas F. - 2022-03-26
About halfway through the first bottle I noticed great results: no more floaters, sharper, crisper clarity, alleviated eye strain
Nareg G. - 2022-03-11
Great product
Ed S. - 2022-03-09
This is my second time taking Qualia - Mind. I put a real focus on recognizing the difference between before and after. The first time I tried it, I took it whenever I remembered throughout the day. Now, I take five capsules with water (started with 4 for one week) first thing in the morning. I wouldn't drink coffee or eat anything for at least 30 minutes. Immediately my mind and focus became recognizably different than without Qualia - Mind. The product works and is making a di...Read more.
Mark B. - 2022-03-05
I have been taking another vision supplement for many years without any noticeable effects. The very first day of taking Qualia Vision I looked at a dish towel I have had for a decade and noticed something new. I bought all black and white items for that kitchen, and this was a white towel with black stripes... but it wasn't. Every other stripe on the towel is brown and I didn't know this for 10 years. While this is a small detail, it is very representative of other changes I have noticed. Co...Read more.
Natasza Z. - 2022-02-02
Qualia Vision gives me the much needed support for my hard working eyes.
Taj O. - 2022-01-24
I am noticing things in my field of vision that I never had before--subtle movements and coherent patterns. Thank you Qualia Vision!
Praveen D. - 2022-01-12
Great Product
Yuval M. - 2022-01-10
You will be AMAZED at how much your eyesight improves!!!
Timothy C. - 2022-01-07
In this era dominated by blue light and computer screens, your eyes need nutritional support. The experts at Neurohacker have found the solution!
Jonathan U. - 2021-12-27
It's been a subtle change over the last few months, but lately I see long distance with more clarity, and I've had way less dry eye. As someone with astigmatism who works in front of a monitor all day, I also love how this is giving me long-term support against the effects of aging on my eyes!
Laura H. - 2021-12-27
I appreciate this product. I think it has good stuff in it, that helps eye health. Thank you.
Betty W. - 2021-11-21
I'm very pleased with my results. It has helped clear up my fuzzy vision.
Susan H. - 2021-11-13
I started taking only four of these each day in the morning. It gives me energy and keeps me awake. This last week I took five. I'm waiting until next week and will take six. My only problem is it is so expensive.
Zeynab A. - 2021-11-08
I like the product a lot.
KYLE A. - 2021-10-25
^^^ ^^^
Jennifer S. - 2021-10-05
This stuff is better than coffee! Love it!
Justin W. - 2021-09-27
Keeps my eyes alert and receptive in my peripherals, when I acknowledge more of the nueral effects if their is another review ill add it into the next review
Lynn W. - 2021-09-24 | Beta Tester
Easy to take since just one capsule and a good ingredient list that may be difficult to find elsewhere!
Michael K. - 2021-09-21
Just started this product, however, I do notice an improved "sharpness" and visual acuity.