Neurohacking Technologies to Radically Upgrade Mental Performance

Neurohacking Technologies to Radically Upgrade Mental Performance

Neurohacking is the deliberate use of technology to upgrade the functioning of our brain and nervous system in every way to affects our conscious experience.

At Neurohacker Collective, we’re mapping the landscape of all the tools and technologies that radically improve mental wellbeing and performance. From nootropics to quantified self devices, mindfulness to intermittent fasting, integrative psychology to transcranial stimulation. Some are old practices with new methods of optimization, some are technologies still on the cutting edge of science and technology.

This infographic is just a starting point - a high-level taxonomy of tools, therapies, and techniques to bring optimal health to to our physiology and psychology.

We’ll be drilling down into each of these domains, and providing a curated overview of the people, products and services we think are exemplars and worth your attention to explore.

In the meantime, enjoy the expandable infographic.

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