Alisia R. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

1/3 is perfect

I started off w recommend start dose and the first week I was increasing. I felt a little nauseous..... so I found my sweet spot. 1 step one and 2 step 2 Boom I’m basically a genius!!! Love it.

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Danae M. February 28, 2018

A good start

I’m enjoying the effects I find it is sometimes a little heavy for me but mostly I’m liking it so far. It goes well with my yoga practice my focus is better. It is very useful in my work as a mental health tech and as a secretary.

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Nora W. August 12, 2018

Last time I was so impressed with humanity was the first iPhone I held in hand

What I long Perceived as scam ads on my Facebook turns out to be the largest game changer of my year. Impeccable. I’m so impressed. And appreciative.

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Mitch E. February 14, 2018

Wonderously Magnificent!

I just started taking Qualia, it’s been a couple of weeks , but I have noticed profound changes in mental, emotional , physical and spiritual aspects. This is a tool to enhance my well being and life. It’s like I get to swallow a piece of the sun and stars everyday. Nourishing me and enchanting ...

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Christal B. September 11, 2017

Pills too big

The 2nd bottle of pills are way too big for me to swallow and I bet you'll find others who have this difficulty.

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