Ben T. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 4 years ago

I Didn’t notice any improvement in cognitive function. customer service was great though

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Logan O. April 16, 2022

Honestly WOW!

I’ve been really skeptical on making a purchase simply because of the cost. But I caved with one of their many promotion offers and man it was worth it. I work in office setting and tend to find myself always getting distracted and losing focus. I stacked Q-Mind with some L-Threonate and go...

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David H. August 8, 2022

Real Life NZT 48

Just wow. Qualia Mind (combined with a healthy/balanced diet and exercise) is, by far, everything an individual needs to sustain their mind and body for the day. Keep in mind the diet and exercise part along with a good amount of water because, though this stuff is superb for overall well-being, ...

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Stephen . July 12, 2021

5 stars

Susan G F. April 13, 2021

One of those for whom it didn't fit

I'm certain this is a great product that works very well when it's the right fit. I feel like I gave it a good shot, but maybe timing? Circumstances? It just didn't happen for me. I very much appreciate the information given me and the absolutely outstanding customer service. Thank you.

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