Guest reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 2 years ago

14 Day Qualia Review

Overall, I am benefiting from Qualia and will continue to take it. I'm an author and plan to write and publish 1.5 million words this year. That kind of productivity takes extreme self-discipline and mental focus. On top of that, I have severe ADHD that I only treat with diet, exercise, and nootropics. I'm also a mom and the housekeeper of the family. So, you can see, my hands are full. Pros: One of the biggest benefits I've seen since starting Qualia is that the severe emotional anxiety I experience every month with PMS did not happen this month. It was a marked difference. As a mood stabilizer, Qualia above and beyond any other nootropic stack I've ever taken. I felt my overall my mood was positive over the last two weeks I took this supplement. The intense rush of creative energy I experience when I take Qualia is kind of amazing. I can't quite describe it, but as a creator, I have to say I truly appreciate it. Cons: The first day I took this stack, I experienced an intense headache. I lowered the dose the next day and experienced less headache. By the third day, the headache was gone. But it still kind of killed my productivity the first day. I miss the intense feeling of focus and energy stimulation with my previous noopept/caffeine stack. With my ADHD, that's something I need. I'm considering trying to mix the stacks to achieve the effect I want. I don't like that I have to take the second dose with food. I usually fast until dinner time, and I'm finding that having to eat in the middle of the day is making me gain water weight. I am considering using only the calories from my butter coffee to count as a "meal" now that I've habituated to the compound enough not to get headaches from it. All in all, I like this stack a lot. I think it's worth the money for the mood and creativity boost alone.

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Having experienced different nootropics, I have notice nothing new while dosing with Qualia as of 1.5 months. Part of my lack of a noticeable effect might be that I was already supplementing with a sound nootropic from a reputable company, prior to Qualia. I expect that I might notice slight dif...

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I love the mission from quaila and had high expectations. I’ve been taking it but haven’t seen results as strong ask I thought. I’m still taking it and wondering if there are any other variables that’s affecting it. At this time, it’s not working for to be honest.

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