Guest reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

2 week review

After completing my 2nd week of using Qualia my experience has been a mixed bag mostly due to the expectations I placed on the product. I restarted the Keto (Modified Atkins) with my first dosage. I've also been using KetoOS. The first three days were underwhelming. I noted no major changes and didn't "feel" clearer. At max I get about 5-6 hours of sleep, usually 3-4 and expected the product to make up for my poor sleep habits. After getting the recommended hours of sleep I felt slightly better than I normally do. However, I'm not sure if it's the diet, the product or getting more sleep. Ive tried different dosage levels of each phase. Furthermore, if the product deserves credit I'm not entirely convinced it's not placebo. At this point I'm happy with knowing that I'm getting some of the nutrients that are cumbersome to incorporate using food at a fraction of the cost of purchasing each supplement indivdually. Bottom line use this product as instructed. Don't expect a miracle. Do cost benefits analysis and you'll probably see a measurable increase in mental clarity and bandwidth

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Bernadette D. August 22, 2018

Not feeling much of anything

It's been 10 days now - followed the instructions and took the 2 days off, taking correct dosage, and can't say I feel either increased energy or any change at all in pretty much anything.

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mark K. February 23, 2018

Flow Enhancer

This will be my second month taking Qualia and i have noticed some positive improvements In the amount of chatter going on in my head . I feel like it has minimized the over thinking analytical part of my brain and allows me to be more in a flow state which i enjoy. My concentration and mood has ...

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Ian S. September 30, 2017

No hyperbole when I say this changed my life

I'm a 43 year old man that works as a software developer. I was seriously starting to worry about my brain to the point where I was thinking a change in careers was going to happen. My ex pointed me towards nootropics, and specifically at Qualia. I saw a change in my cognitive ability and mood ve...

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Matt H. February 14, 2018

Didn't work for me

Didn't really work for me, it was like drinking a redbull. It gave me energy but it certainly wasn't 100$ worth of energy.

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