Nick G. reviewed Qualia Night

about 2 years ago

4/5 - Great deep sleep

Since I don't have too much sleeping most nights, I decided to cut the serving size in half during this trial period. I figured this would also give me additional servings to see how the product works over time. The first time I took it, I felt a little groggy in the morning but as I continued to use it I felt that a little less, although that didn't go away completely. I feel the product works best when you take it 2-3 hours before bed, as the instructions suggest. The sleep I got while taking this was reallyyyy deep and that felt good, but when life got in the way and work wouldn't allow me to get the amount of sleep that's ideal for me (8-8.5 hours)...I noticed I felt more groggy in the morning. That is the biggest con in my opinion which is why I didn't give it 5 stars. If I couldn't get the full amount of sleep my body needed, I felt more tired the next day than if I didn't take it at all. Other than that, if you can get a full night's rest, this helps you sleep like a baby and wake up with no grogginess.

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Carrie K. July 9, 2020

Quality product

I took Qualia Night for a short time. I know the ingredients are quality, although I can’t say in that short time I had a measurable difference in my sleep quality. I have been taking Eternus (Now called Qualia Life) for about five months now and feel like the product has helped my focus and e...

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Mike G. November 15, 2021

4 stars

Russ B. December 23, 2021

Phenomenal Effect!

I feel the effect kick in within 30 mins, my sleep has tremendously improved and I am able to achieve deep sleep consistently, even on my off days. Highly recommend!

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lauren C. July 2, 2020

ben is awesome

test test test

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