Andrea C.
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2018-09-29 10:05:08 UTC

I'm most conscious of the sense of clarity I feel. I've tried lots of nootropic type supplements in the past, many of which did close to nothing. This Cell Energy product gives me a noticeable improvement in my ability to determine what I need to get done, break it down into parts, and then execute until completion. I also feel a lot more self-control in terms of actually taking action (very little scrolling through instagram instead of taking care of my to-do list for example, and I've gone to the gym every single day since taking this supplement!) so this has resulted in a fantastic week.

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Andrew S.
2018-09-25 18:26:40 UTC

A sustained, consistent, calm energy

Christian M.
2018-10-01 12:31:57 UTC

I feel like an unstoppable force

Tyler W.
2018-09-24 07:28:08 UTC

I don't have a subjective feel like with Qualia, I just notice at the end of the day I am not tanked. I am more comfortable with making decisions or exercising self control when I would normally be exhausted.

Cody W.
2019-06-14 03:40:23 UTC
Subtle and Interesting

<p>I did notice an increased vitality in my wellbeing along with a pronounced desire to nap midday as it worked through my digestive system. I'm excited to continue using Eternus and stay in the discovery of how it affects my body.</p>