Ryan T. reviewed Qualia Mind

12 months ago

5 stars

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Shubh M. August 11, 2022

Flow state

Qualia Mind has literally blown my mind. It puts you in a highly focused flow state in an instant. I'm currently using it to write my thesis and it makes my writing effortless. In addition, when I take it in a fasted state, I get most of my critical thinking at that time. My brain makes new conne...

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Jonathan M. June 1, 2018

"Truely Excellent "

This product is amazing. I have struggled with a below average memory and regular bouts of brain fog since childhood. This product has solved it for me. I can only hope others with similar struggles will give it a try.

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Emmanuel D. August 14, 2022

4 stars

Melissa T. June 16, 2022


Best I’ve ever used!

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