Everett M. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago



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Ralph G. July 5, 2023

Great product

Taking this product I started noticing within a week of taking my drive and memory and focus is improving. And now I’m on my feet thinking, focusing and remembering information that I couldn’t attain before. Gonna get more soon.

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Zach P. December 11, 2023

Felt the effects immediately

Took it my first day and felt a smooth, clean sense of energy and focus. Excited to keep taking this!

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D'Andre L. December 12, 2021

LVL 100 Intelligence

This is probably as close to the Limitless pill as we're going to reasonably and safely get. Without the afternoon "crash." This is everything our Brains need to win everyday.

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Isaac R. July 12, 2021

Best on the Market

If you can name a supplement on the market, that tries to do what “Qualia Mind” does, I’ve taken it to try to give me the boost I need to perform on the job and in school. The ‘ONLY’ supplement that has stood the test of time is “Qualia Mind” as I’ve been taking it for roughly a year now. It boos...

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