Guest reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 3 years ago

5 stars

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Iuliia i. January 9, 2024

Concentration and energy without dropping

I love the Qualia Mind product. I am with the company since 2016 and can tell that thanking to the product l was able to finish my BA double concentration degree in 2020 with Summa Cum Laude academic honor while raising solely my three sons. Now l am back - getting my MA degree. Highly recommend ...

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Edward S. March 4, 2020


Love it

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Jen C. June 15, 2022


It's hard to separate the effects of this product given many other changes in my running this past month - Location (some altitude, more heat), recovering from a slight glute issue, and doing a half ironman 70.3). But I do feel the product most likely helped me toward running improvements.

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Jennifer H. July 18, 2021

5 stars