Guest reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

5 stars

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Carol C. August 16, 2023

About time

I'm so happy to have found qualia to refresh and move away from brain fog.

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Shane C. June 12, 2018


I'm a classical performer/composer and thought I'd try out Qualia because I have a bunch of deadlines coming up. I'm really impressed with the focus it has given me. What has surprised me is the sense of well-being I feel from taking it, though I do take issue with the price - typical capitali...

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James G. February 10, 2022

Life Changing

Using this product allowed me to take my life to the next level. Qualia provided me with a superior memory and extremely sharp focus. This added mental clarity and processing power gave me the opportunity to learn new skills while dramatically improving my productivity. I was able to work towards...

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Maurie W. October 2, 2023

Great Focus!

I have been using Qualia Mind to start my work day for the past 3 weeks and am very pleased so far. It easy for me to get off track with all of life's other demands once I hit my desk in the morning, but I have been getting a great jump on my work day with the help of Qualia Mind these past few w...

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