Madhav K. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

5 stars

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Joshua V. December 23, 2019

Speed of the Modern World

We are increasingly subjected to more stress, less time to reflect, and an always moving type of lifestyle that we are not hardwired to comfortably accept. If you want to meet demands of productivity but still remain cognizant and present to the things that really matter—your family members, that...

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jamie u. April 23, 2023

Very effective

These little guys are serious business. I feel like I can do a lot while on these to the extent I was finding scuffs on my walls and removing them with fervor during my work breaks. It can be a bit intense if you’re sensitive to stimulants but if you enjoy being high you will love it :) The ser...

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Ammar F. November 13, 2022

4 stars

Randi D. September 22, 2023


I can recall names easier, stay on task easier.

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