Guest reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

5 stars

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jason s. June 13, 2023

Amazing product

I've used this off and on for years now. It gets expensive, but wow. It's like my brain is thinking faster than I can follow it. "The zone" in a bottle.

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Brian N. June 22, 2023

Qualia Works

Able to focus more for longer periods of time. Definitely one of the best nootropic supplements.

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Valerie C. October 15, 2023

Really happy so far

I only am taking 3 per day, but I feel it's effects without it being TOO much, I am excited to continue to see how it helps me. So far I feel like I stay on task, am creative with new tasks that I have been avoiding,, but keeping on track with self care too, so this is a win for me. Thank you

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molli m. September 29, 2021

Worth every penny!

I have a much clearer mind. I can wake up a bit groggy I guess but now I wake up very quickly. I like the alertness and there's no shakiness. I also get tired and fall asleep well. I feel regulated.

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