Henry F. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

5 stars

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Michelle C. June 20, 2023

I love Nootropics

I love nootropics and this is a very well researched, comprehensive ingredient, quality product I could feel working within the 1st couple days and I am 71. Yay Neurohackers!

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Glen R. August 25, 2019


I experience sustained energy and an added benefit of feeling focused and pretty darn good throughout the day.

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Carrie G. May 24, 2022

All day focus!

I couldn’t take the full dosage because it was a little too strong for me but loved the focus and energy I received!

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Scott M. September 10, 2019

Qualia Mind use.

I started this product with the hopes of gaining an edge, working harder, etc. I have found that I can now work longer periods of time without distraction enhancing my productivity. There are a lot of changes including more accessibility to my own mind, more connection to information stored in my...

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