Guest reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

5 stars

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Chester M. March 7, 2024

Qualia kind

Just started the product. Feeling slightly more focused after just a few days. Excited to see how I feel after a month.

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Arthur L. May 25, 2023

5 stars

KIRK W. June 24, 2020


I am exposed to long hours and increased stress levels on a routine basis. I find this product helps to avoid brain fatigue. I like the fact that it does not give me a jittery feeling like coffee. It also does not cause a fine tremor (like coffee) which is helpful for remaining extremely steady d...

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David M. January 5, 2022

A Powerful Nootropic

I've been taking Qualia Mind for nearly 5 years now (starting with the original formula) and can definitely notice my focus and clarity dip a bit when I haven't taken it. There is definitely an edge in terms of energy too that I notice working out on it vs. not. Also, it allows me to sometimes ju...

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