Jamie H. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 year ago

A Breath Of EXCELLENCE In A World Of Compromise!

I have been an Avid Nootropics User for 7+ Years Now and Qualia Mind is by far the most Advanced and Complete All-In-One Nootropic I’ve ever seen! I used to buy about 30 Different Individual Nootropic Powders which got Very Expensive and Time Consuming! With Qualia Mind, you get a Complete and Well Researched Nootropic Complex in Pill Form combined with the Wisdom of the Neurohacker Collective to get the Correct Dosages and Synergy among the Ingredients!

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Walter L. April 13, 2020

Best Brain Supplement Around. Period.

Felt an immediate (30 mins after taking it, full dose of 7 pills) increase in brain clarity, motivation. quick memory recall and quick math skills go up after a week or so on it. Overall an incredible supplement. I’ve put several mates onto it and all report improvements on mental performance. Lo...

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Aaron A. August 22, 2021

Potent and effective

Best high powered brain support I’ve taken. Two full doses and I don’t really need one on the third day.

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Trisha T. November 22, 2021


Focus is certainly improved

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Seri L. August 17, 2021



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