Alex Y. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

almost 3 years ago

A game changing nootropic stack

I've been a fan of Neurohacker for some time, and have been a self-proclaimed "bio-hacker" before companies were putting out nootropic supplements. When Neurohacker first came out with their very first Qualia product with the Step 1 and Step 2 bottles, the Step 1 bottles worked like magic for me. My brain immediately turned on, everything was brighter, more noticeable, my mood instantly became very pleasant and calm, and my ability to focus went through the roof. Since Neurohacker stopped producing the Step 1 bottles, I've been at a loss, and have not been able replicable by manually putting together ingredients on the Step 1 bottle for my own remedy. Enter Neurohacker Nootropic Energy drink. After having tried Mind and Focus to jittery effects, I gave it a go to try the Energy drink. With my very first bottle a few weeks ago... the magic was back! It's absolutely amazing. I know it's probably overkill but I take one at around 5:30am when I start my day at the gym, and also after lunch around 1 or 2pm to carry me through 8pm for work. The only draw back, if I can call it that, is that consuming 2 bottles a day is not cheap, but, as I simultaneously juggle 2 technology businesses, it's a god send that Neurohacker has released this product. I'm stocking up in case they cancel this product like they did Step 1! lol.. Highly highly recommended to everyone. - a very happy customer!

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Kristen C. October 21, 2019

The perfect productivity supplement for busy professionals who care about their health.

Qualia Nootropic Energy was just what I needed to push through a busy week. My biggest challenge is mental focus. Being a solopreneur means I am pulled in many directions which diminishes productivity. Qualia Nootropic Energy enabled me to mono-focus on my most pressing projects, and have the dr...

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Sahil K. February 5, 2021

Clean and useful energy

It definitely gives me clean energy helps me with both physical and mental tasks. It's the best energy supplement I've ever tried for sure. My one critism would be that it can't always deliver as much power as I need.

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Nicholas G. February 12, 2021

Loved it

Steady energy and focus. None of the lows mid-day, kept me going on projects where I would typically be burnt out on in a few hours.

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Michael B. February 6, 2021

So Glad I Got This Product!

This product not only energizes all aspects of my physical form there is no crash and that sustained clarity keeps my day productive/full or vitality.

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