Tabatha N. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

11 months ago

A Nudging Companion

If Focus were a person, it would be that well-meaning acquaintance you occasionally bump into at social gatherings. Polite and considerate, but ultimately lacking that special something to make them stand out from the crowd. That's precisely how I would describe my experience with Focus. During my three-week rendezvous with this intriguing product, I was hopeful for a remarkable transformation. Alas, while my overall encounter with Focus was far from unpleasant, it failed to deliver the profound improvements I had anticipated. It seemed content to merely hover on the periphery of my attention, never quite seizing the spotlight. In terms of positives, Focus's unobtrusive presence deserves recognition. It subtly nudged me towards greater concentration, gently reminding me to stay on track without being overly assertive. The product's intentions were pure, and its execution competent, leaving no room for grievances. I must commend Focus for not causing any negative side effects or disruptions to my daily routine. It gracefully maintained its neutrality, never encroaching on my peace of mind. Regrettably, my time with Focus left me yearning for more. It lacked that transformative spark, that elusive magic that truly captivates the soul. While it managed to occupy a place in my life, it failed to engrave itself upon my heart. As a result, I find myself hesitant to invest in this product again. In conclusion, Focus remains a respectable companion on the quest for enhanced productivity. However, its unremarkable performance ultimately left me unenthused. While it may suit the needs of some, I find myself searching for a more enchanting partner to accompany me on my journey towards improved focus and attention. Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

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Michelle O. November 16, 2021

Great focus

Amazing focus for the first week - like unbelievable. Those previous dips in focus were nonexistent. The second week was a little less effective when compared to the first week, but it was still some good focus feeling.

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Maria G. April 15, 2022

Great product. Good on a daily basis. It helps you think, retrieve memories without too much caffeine

Better than the first formulation primarily because it had less caffeine in it. I could take it without getting jittery

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Andrew T. May 20, 2023


Not much effect

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Luis P. February 14, 2023