Chandler M. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

A subtle and noticeable improvement

I’ve been taking Qualia Mind as directed (7 capsules first thing in the morning- 5 days on, 2 days off) for about 3 weeks, and since I started taking it I have noticed improvements in my day to day life that are subtle but consistent. I definitely feel like it gives me more energy throughout the day and more sustained focus, and it also has shown signs of smaller influences like making it easier for me to remember names of people I’ve just met, having better recall to memories and stories that I had started to forget, and making my disc golf game slightly sharper. I was skeptical of nootropics at first, but after dipping my toes in with Qualia Mind, I am becoming convinced of its legitimacy and will continue to take it.

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Safe, Effective Product

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Love the product

It does work, but I don’t understand the subscription model

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