Guest reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 5 years ago

A Window into a New World

I've been experimenting with Qualia for a couple months now, and I have found a definite effect on my subjective experience. Something happens that is beyond the boost of caffeine and feels sustainable. But the true reason I buy and take Qualia is to support the mission of Neurohacker Collective and its "empowered responsibility" mantra. Even if Qualia did nothing, I would still take it as an open-label placebo, simply to connect its ingestion with all the wealth of knowledge I've gained from the Neurohacker website and the Collective Insights podcast. Thank you for not dumbing down your customers or playing to their insecurities or compulsions, but rather building them up to a new level of personal responsibility. The fact that sleep is so prominently described and promoted on Qualia materials and Neurohacker resources makes it clear that the Collective isn't trying to pander to unrealistic dreams of "limitless" energy or insight in a bottle (although I do have to say that the marketing/cookies that follow me throughout the web and Instagram can be a little over the top in terms of the things they promise Qualia will do for you). A fan of the product, but a true believer in the process of collective discovery and creative collaboration stands behind it.

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Lisa I. February 8, 2018

No brainer

To each his own.

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Camille C. October 2, 2017


Single Order

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Joey K. January 2, 2018

Excellent, Best buck spent!

Today marks my second week taking Qualia. The benefits are remarkable. In my line of work I have to stay sharp at the most highest level and these supplements are my gateway. I understand that this product does not work if I am not ‘already’ taking care of myself; staying fit, hydrated, eating nu...

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Mikhael B. December 14, 2017

Good stuff

I use only when I have a day that I need to really focus so the bottle lasts me quite a while. Very good stuff. Will always have some on hand.

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