Guest reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 6 years ago

A Window into a New World

I've been experimenting with Qualia for a couple months now, and I have found a definite effect on my subjective experience. Something happens that is beyond the boost of caffeine and feels sustainable. But the true reason I buy and take Qualia is to support the mission of Neurohacker Collective and its "empowered responsibility" mantra. Even if Qualia did nothing, I would still take it as an open-label placebo, simply to connect its ingestion with all the wealth of knowledge I've gained from the Neurohacker website and the Collective Insights podcast. Thank you for not dumbing down your customers or playing to their insecurities or compulsions, but rather building them up to a new level of personal responsibility. The fact that sleep is so prominently described and promoted on Qualia materials and Neurohacker resources makes it clear that the Collective isn't trying to pander to unrealistic dreams of "limitless" energy or insight in a bottle (although I do have to say that the marketing/cookies that follow me throughout the web and Instagram can be a little over the top in terms of the things they promise Qualia will do for you). A fan of the product, but a true believer in the process of collective discovery and creative collaboration stands behind it.

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Greg . October 27, 2017

Student Improvements

My son is a junior in college. Since starting Qualia, his grades have increased one grade point so far this semester. Earlier this month, as a member of the men's tennis team he played his best match ever, coming close to beating a much higher-ranked player. For the past two years he has been pla...

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Daniel S. October 26, 2017

Great title.

Very pleased with this product. I definitely will be buying again.

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Will P. November 17, 2017

Good stuff

Basically learned how to play the guitar over night

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Adam W. September 27, 2017

Solid, data-driven formula

Qualia gives you a number of battle-proven, high-quality nootropics and doesn’t skimp on dosages. My only complaint is the high price, but its wide range of ingredients and generous dosages makes the high price point easier to swallow.

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