Felipe B. reviewed Qualia Focus

about 1 year ago

Actually works

This product actually works! I get to spend quality time on my work and focus on things I want to.

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Maria G. April 15, 2022

Great product. Good on a daily basis. It helps you think, retrieve memories without too much caffeine

Better than the first formulation primarily because it had less caffeine in it. I could take it without getting jittery

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Oliver W. June 15, 2023

too good to be true?

I literally just popped a few pillies and my state is no longer normal. It almost feels like a drug from Limitless. Will have to try more and update this review. But so far seems promising

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John B. March 26, 2023


Energy and focus all day long!!

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Beth C. May 20, 2023

Big Improvement

I could tell a huge difference in my thinking. Subjects were easier to grasp and expand upon. My thoughts were much more focused and extremely less scattered.

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