Mike W. reviewed Qualia Night

over 1 year ago

Ahhhhh...didn't work for me

Worked the first night. Didn't work after that.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Mike, thank you for sharing your experience with Qualia Night. We are sorry to hear the product did not work for your biochemistry. Our customer support team has refunded you for the order today. We wish you the best in your sleep health.

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Anng K. July 14, 2020

Sleep Review

I have noticed that this product upsets my stomach. The next day I am crampy and have very loose stools. I don't think that the 5 days was enough time. The first night I was fine and only took 3. maybe 4 pills is too much? I

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Edward B. December 3, 2021

Happy and sleeping well!

Night and Mind are Great products!

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Kevin F. October 5, 2021

5 stars

Matt B. March 19, 2020

Refreshed in the Morning

I did feel much more alert and ready for the day the next morning. I didn't necessarily feel like my sleep was any better, I still had nights where I was still wide awake at bed time, or would wake up in the night. There was a little more calm feeling in the evening after taking it. Overall, the ...

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