Amy H. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 5 years ago


I do have a hard time swallowing all the pills but glad it’s only one time in morning. Otherwise I can tell the difference and am excited to see the long term goal.

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John D. February 6, 2018

I see the difference

During the days that I take Qualia, I am more readily able to make the positive changes in my life I want. I procrastinate less. I focus more. There's even that extra nudge at the edge of the day that helps me make the trip to the gym instead of sitting at home after work. Also when I posed a ...

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Mario G. February 4, 2018

It's exactly what it sounds like.

I had been curious about nootropics and how to use them properly for a while. I am particularly attracted to how well the product works in conjunction with it's proposed benefits. I have been studying martial arts for ten plus years now and looking into accelerated learning, then qualia sprung it...

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Brandon P. January 4, 2018

Alchemical Brilliance!

All the little processes of the mind get bolstered. Subtle, but the synergistic effects are fantastic. Add in that Ashwagandha!

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Vladimir M. February 14, 2018

Nothing literally compares

I have tried numorous products out there to better my health and further my passion for nutrition. I will have to agree with all my research that this is the real deal in every aspect. Thank you, Namaste.

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