Daniel F. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Amazing Ingredients!

I think the formula of Qualia Inmune is amazing. I did their trial for one week and although I felt that you need more time to really see the benefits and effects, I did feel a bit more energized and focused through then day.

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Rayan R. January 31, 2021

Good Product

I stay healthy and haven’t been sick in at least 3 years so I honestly couldn’t tell the difference with taking the product but I’m sure it did help my body. I personally didn’t feel or notice a difference taking it.

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Jose Mari A. January 29, 2021

Surprisingly result but not expected

I am not quite sure if this is the results of the product but I noticed that since I took it every morning I woke with a boner. A week for me I think is too short to say the least that it has an profound improvement in my immune health. As I got the virus early on, my immunity got strucked hard. ...

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Moxie G. February 1, 2021

Amazing Blend!!

Amazing blend of nutrient essentials to keep you health and well, especially in current times! Definitely recommend Immune for daily support!

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Rachel B. February 7, 2021

Ready to tackle my day.

I honestly feel better than usual. I've tried a lot of "immunity" products in the past- and to be honest most of them never really made me feel any different. This product is different though. I literally feel a lot better in my day to day life.

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