Adam R. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago

As Great As Ever!

Awesome product! Thanks!

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Lisa C. December 28, 2017

Makes a difference

I went out of town and ran out of Qualia. Within a week I noticed the difference with my recall, focus and even moods. This stuff makes a difference!

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Rowynn D. October 2, 2017

Qualia Experience

I was very excited to try Qualia as I love the concept and the amount of thoughtful research the collective has put into this product. I have been taking nootropics for 2 years now. Qualia works wonders for the first few hours, but by about 5pm I crash, and crash hard. I become so debilitated tha...

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Kevin M. February 11, 2018

Love it

Feel great Worth every penny

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Tom . February 20, 2018

Two thumbs up

I've been using Qualia for about 3 weeks. I've noticed several profound effects including increased distress tolerance, enhanced auditory and visual processing, to decreased depression and distractedness. I'm very happy with this product and appreciate how it has increased my awareness around ...

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