Melissa M.
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*ATTENTION* If you have ADHD Read *Naturally Very Skeptical Person, Extremely Impressed!!*


Qualia Mind
2019-04-25 13:24:03 UTC

I am completely blown away with how well this product has worked for me. As someone who suffers from ADHD, I know my brain very well and can tell when my prescription medication has kicked in; therefor when I felt this product work almost immediately I was not only surprised, but very impressed! I can say that there is a massive and very noticeable difference not only in my ability to focus; but my ability to retain information, think critically, as well as my motivation to start and complete tasks. I also can even feel it working on my "off" days now that it has consistently been in my system for some time. While I still struggle with memory, I have found that this is an amazingly useful tool. If you look at it as exactly that, a tool, you will likely be very satisfied. I honestly didn't expect much, if anything. I figured it was some bogus supplement without much benefit like most "dietary supplements" I have taken. I am extremely happy to report that I was wrong. Qualia Mind has well exceeded my expectations I highly recommend it!! **FOR THOSE WITH ADHD** For anyone currently on medication for ADHD, I can report that I personally have had no negative side effects when taking this product in combination with my medication. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on ADHD stimulant medication, your doctor should be tracking your blood pressure. For anyone that has a history of high blood pressure, I recommend getting the caffeine free version. My blood pressure was up at my last appointment, but I reviewed the product and its ingredients with my doctor, who said the high BP was not a concern. We will however continue to monitor it. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have concerns!

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Jaylin W.
2019-07-01 06:46:16 UTC
I'm black it didn't really do anything for me...

<p>I was taking 7 of them every morning I woke up and. . . I wanted them to work. . . I would get kinda this kind of rush shortly after taking them but after that, BLAH. Everything normal, I only took them like that for a week I dont kno...Read more.

Adam W.
2018-02-20 00:00:00 UTC

Calm, cool, and collected. That is how I feel when I take Qualia. Verbal fluency, mood, and memory are all on point. Neurohacker continues to knock it out of the park.

Emeka K.
2018-09-17 15:04:18 UTC
Simply Awesome

I found myself able to focus and be calm after taking the supplement. Able to be more creative and think a lot more clearly.

Gina K.
2018-09-14 23:06:31 UTC
Focus and Energy!

I absolutely love Qualia Mind. I had a traumatic brain injury several years ago and lost my ability to make quick decisions and to stay focused. Since taking Qualia Mind there has been a huge improvement in both of those areas. Addit...Read more.

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