MAHESH G. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 4 years ago


Never fails to impress.To go without Qualia Mind is like night and day for me....and I prefer the daylight!

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Jose L. January 3, 2022

4 stars

Robert P. July 27, 2021

5 stars

Robert T. October 30, 2023

Mind is a game changer!

We love this product. I’ve been recommending this to other cause it works so good. I’m an artist and this product puts me in the zone! Thanks Qualia. I will definitely be ordering more.

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Martha D. October 29, 2019

I only received my product a week ago, suppose it's because I live in the UK. I started with 1 capsule for 2 days, had terrible headache: stopped for 1 day and tried again with 1 capsule, increasing each day with 1. From today, I am on 7 cap pd. I sleep longer hours, experience more energ...

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