William V. reviewed Qualia Immune

11 months ago

Awesome formula, zinc is very helpful for any immune system!

A superbly made Immune formula. No overt effects, but no ill effects either. I imagine it's working very well.

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Brandon C. January 22, 2021

Energy and sleep improved in days

More energy and slept better. Hard to judge how it interacts with the immune system in just 5 days, but I can imagine this would be evident after extended use. Seems to be a perfect addition to the Qualia line.

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Austin H. January 29, 2021

Loving the immunity blend

Using this product seems to give me a bit of clarity and energy as well as faster recovery times for physical activity. I enjoy the product and would use again

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IAn K. January 27, 2021

Quality ingredients and hopefully I don’t get sick

Good ingredients. I did get better sleep

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Michael H. June 21, 2020

Improves sleep and all that goes along with it

I didn't get sick during the trial period, no big surprise there. However, I did get better sleep throughout the period. I usually wake up once to use the bathroom but that happened much less often during the trial.

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