Dan D. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 1 month ago

Awesome is all i can say!

Hi Everyone, For anyone who has been a little over worked and mentally taxed with an inabsorbanant amount of information I would suggest trying this product. I have been taking Qualia for just over three weeks and the results have been nothing short of just totally AWESOME! One the very first day of taking Qualia the result for me was noticeable within one hour. I had one of the most productive days in a very long time. I had clarity, and was able to focus and multi task on a level that I haven't been at for a while. This product has been ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Thanks Qualia

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Isaiah L. February 3, 2023

Works Well

I believe Qualia Mind is a great product for clear thinking and motivation. I doesn’t work that well for me but as a nootropic it does have the ingredients that most people are looking for. It is an expensive product but it will get the job done because I have friends and colleagues that rave abo...

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Martha D. October 29, 2019

I only received my product a week ago, suppose it's because I live in the UK. I started with 1 capsule for 2 days, had terrible headache: stopped for 1 day and tried again with 1 capsule, increasing each day with 1. From today, I am on 7 cap pd. I sleep longer hours, experience more energ...

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Erick K. May 29, 2022

Great product with verified results.

Subtle but unarguably noticeable increase in focus and mental and verbal acuity. Effects are even - without the spike/crash dynamic that some other analogous products cause.

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Alexander K. February 11, 2023

5 stars