Kaiya M. reviewed Qualia Mind | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Awesome product

I felt more aware and happy

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Phoebe N. August 3, 2022

5 stars

Sylvia H. August 24, 2022

Excellent Results

I have experimented using the Qualia Mind and find that I can think clearer when using it. I have tried using it and then not using it and it is pretty clear that this is a product that can make a difference in cognitive ability.

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Amy M. October 17, 2021

4 stars

Linda F. September 17, 2018

Brought to Light

So far after the first week of taking this supplement I am completely satisfied and overjoyed with The effects this far. I didn’t start out taking the full seven I started out at 4 a day just because I know my body is sensitive to things that I put into it I’m able to notice the interaction be...

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