jo b. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 6 years ago


Awesomeness!!!!! It has made a difference with my foggy brain

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Tyler H. October 29, 2017

Excellent Focus

I have been taking Quaila for over a month now and I can tell an amazing difference in my ability to remain calm and focused throughout the day. This product has proven to live up to the promises made!

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Angelo M. December 5, 2017

I'm feeling awake...something I havn't felt in years

I feel amazing. Definitley combining this with studies and research. I'm hopeful that I am now able to pish myself foward like I need too, without feeling tired all the time.

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Brandon P. January 4, 2018

Alchemical Brilliance!

All the little processes of the mind get bolstered. Subtle, but the synergistic effects are fantastic. Add in that Ashwagandha!

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Tom M. December 13, 2017

Fog Reduction

I've tried so many things to help with the brain fog and fatigue I have been experiences for over 3 years. Qualia is the first thing that has given me a definitive boost. Thanks NHC!

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