Monika B. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago


Reluctant to be co-dependent on anything other than what is essential, I ordered qualia mind. After a few weeks, my dosis (due to my small frame ) is 5 pills šŸ’Š šŸ’Š šŸ’Š šŸ’Š šŸ’Š. where do I start? Combined with meditation 3x times a day, qigong and many creative deadlines, I have seen an incredible improvement in my capacity to not only focus on the task or person at hand, but also I have been able to give value to the specific situation as needed and not at any expense. šŸ’Æ recommended, its value is equivalent to the ++ effects, a joyful šŸ˜€ YES! P.s the science behind makes sense to me Monika

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Charles M. April 2, 2022

5 stars

David M. October 29, 2021

Clean, clear, motivated

This product is amazing. Best NT stack available. The effect is clean, clear, and motivating. The fact that it is made with the best ingredients is evident in the impact it has. Other NT stacks don't produce this kind of flow.

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santiago s. January 26, 2022

5 stars

Ryan W. November 11, 2022

No complaints here

I think the only downside is having to sometimes take 5 or 6 capsules for that full effect. Other than that I can take 2 or 3 and feel good all day

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