Lara V. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

almost 2 years ago

Benefits of Senolytics is promising!

You know you're getting benefits when you get up, move around, go through your daily routine without thinking about it. Only later you realize you didn't have symptoms associated with those activities. As a scientist, I am reluctant to attribute a direct causal relationship to a single anecdotal event or usage of a product but my initial self-assessment of using this product seems promising. As a scientist and functional medicine nutrition and lifestyle counselor, I am a major science nerd with a background in molecular biosciences, neuroscience and biomedical engineering with a passion in nutrition, regenerative medicine and longevity in optimal health. Not to mention a self-indulged biohacker. So, I LOVE THE SCIENCE!!! The packaging was good, professional, clean (as expected). The service has been good.

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Sharon G. August 1, 2023

Excellent education

If you are interested in the science of senolytics is an excellent resource.

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chris C. June 2, 2022

Senolytic Review

I have enjoyed the way Senolytic has really helped with my mobility.The packaging on this was solid, I liked that the ease of getting the pills out and that each day was lined up 6 in a row.

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Michelle D. October 29, 2023


Product is easy to take. Looking forward to optimized aging!

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Maria G. April 27, 2023

Good stuff

Seems to be a better combination of ingredients.

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