Sitara T. reviewed Qualia Nootropic Energy

about 1 month ago

Best Natural Energy and Cognitive Support

Wow. I love it. I’ve had a love hate relationship with coffee for many years. After I graduated with my masters four years ago, I had just ended and entire academic career of abusing my body with coffee just to make it through the insane deadlines and demands of my programs. Needless to say there were many side effects that I didn’t expect from becoming coffee-dependent, but it started a passion for finding natural alternatives that wouldn’t damage my body. Qualia’s by far is one of my favorite findings. I felt awake, alert, and switched on but not overstimulated like coffee. I was calm cool clearheaded focused and really enjoyed my day. I really feel my best taking a supplement, and was able to get great sleep at night too.

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Scott S. October 5, 2019

Day 1 Liquid Shot

Its only day one so far, still curious to get more of a sense of what difference I will feel from the regular Qualia capsules I‚m used to

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Jeff B. May 3, 2019

Felt stronger when working out

Felt stronger when working out

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Robin S. May 6, 2019

sharper, clearer

On days 4 and 5 of taking the samples, I felt a strong pressure in my head when I laid down for a nap in the afternoon. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasant either. The first few days I felt awesome, but the effect seemed to diminish with time.

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Clyde C. April 30, 2019

Clyde's Review, Qualia Energy

more productive

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