Isaac R. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

Best on the Market

If you can name a supplement on the market, that tries to do what “Qualia Mind” does, I’ve taken it to try to give me the boost I need to perform on the job and in school. The ‘ONLY’ supplement that has stood the test of time is “Qualia Mind” as I’ve been taking it for roughly a year now. It boosts my focus, sharpness, clarity, and I even perform better under pressure now…although I don’t like pressure. Keep up the ‘GREAT’ work! Also, for this review, I wanted to submit my review for “Qualia Vision”, but it wasn’t selectable from the dropdown menu. I just started less than a week ago and will write a full review after I’ve had some time to try it longer, but I’m already noticing the benefits. More to come with that.

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Did it do what it says it does? Yes. My mental clarity, visual acuity and general depth of awareness were enhanced when taking my optimal dose, 6 caps. I was surprised to find flow states more accessible despite originally being skeptical of their claim. My workouts were more engaging and my me...

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Aaron T. February 18, 2023

Big improvement in my day and performance.

Very happy with this product. I feel more centered, energized and can process information on a deeper level. It also elevates my mood which other products did not.

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Truly the best.

11/10, I never felt so much focus, energy, and on task ever.

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