Ryan L. reviewed Qualia Night

over 2 years ago

Best Sleep 💤 Product . And ALL NATURAL!☀️🧠

Best sleep supplement by far - Natural or artificial, it’s had the best affect (for me) & all organic ingredients that are bodies know how to utilize for best overall performance which doesn’t stop at just a good night sleep.. It enables your next morning / day limitless possibilities. All starts with Sleep , Obviously I experience no side effects or grogginess, hangover like feeling I’ve noticed from other products. Needless to say. I use with Mind / Life supplement as well (during the day) & finally feel I have ended my search for the optimal supplement package! Btw this might be my 1st review I’ve ever wrote but it is well warranted after the journey I’ve been on. So thankful I came across Qualia products (initially heard on Dr. Andrew Huberman podcast) . Oh & last thing, there costumer service is A1, honestly. Never had an experience like this - I accidentally duplicated an order (bundle) by accident & was sent to me. I was able to get in contact immediately & was refunded & told to keep the product within a day lol Amazing. I can’t tell you how shocked I was since this ended up being my mistake haha. That’s no exaggeration either, have emails to prove. Ok promise, I’m done ✅ Hope this helps someone but if you got this far, please give Mind Life Sleep a shot if you haven’t so far. Operating on another level & consistently

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Jillian S. July 16, 2020

Super mom

I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed, even after waking up at night to feed my baby. Normally I feel dizzy and drained in the morning; but with this supplement I was energized and excited to cook breakfast for five.

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Nikki S. August 31, 2021

4 stars

Justin L. August 21, 2021

Qualia night

Best sleep supplement ever

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Bo J. November 20, 2022

Honest Review After One Bottle

I genuinely like these and have seen great results in my deep sleep by tracking how long I stay in the REM. This has given me what I believe to be more energy through the day without any groggy feelings in the morning! I never had a bad moment with these and would recommend if the price wasn’t so...

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