Jennifer K. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 2 years ago

Better than expected

I didn't have much high hopes for this product but it seems to be working pretty well. I can't really explain how I feel, but I don't feel sleepy or lethargic...just an overall sense of well being which I love! I also have the one with caffine in it just to compare, and that one does the same thing, but with a bit of a "caffine-high/jolt" to it so I take that one on days I need to be really alert. I don't take the full 7 capsules like it says, but only 3-4 for now. I do like knowing I don't need all 7 and that if I want to, I can go up to that. However, for now, I will just take the 3-4 and do the 2 days off. Just works for me. Hope I continue to have the same feelings about the product a few months from now. Would like to keep getting, but it is pricey!!

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I can feel the difference

I researched many nootropics before trying Qualia Mind as I was skeptical and I’ve never tried a nootropic before. I have been taking it for about 4 months now and I can feel the difference in my overall well being. For me, it’s been a gradual decrease of my usual worry and stress. My mood has im...

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Oscar R. January 7, 2024

Great product

Qualia is a game changer for me. I am a web developer and when debugging with a foggy brain it takes a while for me to identify an issue at times and with taking my first dose I see the difference! I also feel that I can come up with better code than what I normally would, almost as if my code I ...

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Heather F. January 29, 2024

Qualia caffiene free

works well for me!

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