Joshua R. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago

Brighten Your Lantern

Processing and Shipment was pretty fast giving the circumstances of this current Cornovirus thing going on. Their products are premium quality, and the company seems to be dedicated to their mission and goals. I highly recommend Neurohacker to all who are looking to give their mind the best functioning that it can perform. I know a little bit about chemistry, neurology, pharmakinetics, and the ingredients that are in their products as I research everything extensively and I believe this company is on to something superbly great here. It may be a little costly, however you get for what you pay for and they also have cheaper alternatives available for people who want to give nootropics a try. I've known about this company for some time now and after years of dealing with life, I decided to give them a try and I really wish I would have sooner. As the company currently stands, far as their work and mission goes to the standards they've set for themselves and the nootropics market, I just hope that stay that way and in the direction they're going, because if they do I know that they are going to improve even more than what it is now (which I consider amazingly fantastic), into something phenomenal which I hope we all get to see one day. Bravo Neurohacker! I will continue to be a repeat customer and hope one day I can maybe be part of your all's team. Thank You.

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Sean L. April 15, 2020

Qualia Mind Review

Did it do what it says it does? Yes. My mental clarity, visual acuity and general depth of awareness were enhanced when taking my optimal dose, 6 caps. I was surprised to find flow states more accessible despite originally being skeptical of their claim. My workouts were more engaging and my me...

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alan m. August 12, 2018

the real deal

I recommend this product if you wish to heighten your mental acuity, ALL day. So long as you have your sleep, diet and exercise dialed in to allow it to work, it's not magic people it's science.

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Chris C. November 15, 2020

Been taking for over 1 year, fantastic product

Qualia Mind is the best supplement I have ever taken. Not only does it cover your bases for daily B, C, D, etc. vitamins, it has several other key nutrients and extracts that brighten my mood and sharpen my mind. I typically take 5 instead of 7, and find that works fine for me, and it also helps ...

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Joshua R. November 21, 2018

Cousiously Excited

In all honesty on the first day I wasn't even sure if I felt anything and I was strongly considering reaching out to Neurohacker and asking if I needed to wait a few days for there to be a compounding effect. It turns out that seems to be the case, at least for me. On day two, things really s...

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