Mary C. reviewed Qualia Focus

about 1 year ago



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Mariah C. May 22, 2023

Got my focus back, plus more!

Where has this product been the last 10 years question? It's like I got my 20 year old brain back. I'm in the legal field and having my youthful brain back is amazing! I used to have a photographic memory, it felt as though it was coming back. No need to write things down,as I would memorize th...

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Nichole T. November 16, 2021

first review

Wouldn't say I am noticing a ton, but I am feeling a little more alert during the week when I am taking the product.

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Katie M. August 18, 2021

The jury is still out...

Slightly more focused, but often upset stomach when I first take it if not enough food in my stomach

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Kyle M. April 15, 2022

It worked!

I really noticed a boost in focus with this formulation. I seemed to respond well to it with a boost in energy and productivity.

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