Katelyn M. reviewed Qualia Resilience | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Calm under stress

I hadn’t noticed a major difference at first but I did test positive for covid shortly after beginning it. I’m all better now and today was a day. I took one of my extra vehicles out for a drive to keep the battery charged up and it died about a mile from home. My sister came to give me a jump but we tried three times and it wouldn’t stay running. I pulled an old rope out of the back and hooked it up to my sisters jeep and towed it home down the highway. Normally things like this stress me out so bad but I’m realizing now that today it didn’t. I stayed calm and levelheaded and took care of the problem. 10/10 would recommend these vitamins so far.

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Sue M. July 23, 2022

Stress free living!

I feel clear and level-headed!

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Randi M. July 13, 2022

Definitely works.

I can definitely tell a difference when I’m driving because I don’t feel as much stress.

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Michele L. July 14, 2022

It’s working!

I’m really happy with this supplement. It works subtly. I realize that while the stress doesn’t change, my reaction to it changes. I feel so much more even keeled and less excitable.

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Tamara V. July 14, 2022

No changes

I didn't have any major stresses during the time I took the product.

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