Lonnie W. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

almost 4 years ago

Can't tell if working.

I did not feel any effects. The instructions to take it during dinner might be a factor? And I do have a beer or 1 glass of wine with my dinners. And so if there were to be any relaxation it might have been attributed to the beer or wine. I did do one night without any alcohol and I still did not feel anything. And as usual I fall asleep but I walk up within a few hrs with my mind wide awake until morning.

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Ilia D. November 16, 2021

5 stars

Brian M. March 22, 2024

Works really well!

The list of ingredients is impressive enough, but what matters most is that this stuff knocks me out. In a good way.

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Michelle E. July 7, 2020

Sound resful sleep, slight heartburn

Did not make me feel sleepy or groggy the next day. I fell asleep quicker and slept longer. If I did get up to go to the bathroom I fell back asleep quickly. Easier for me to rise in the morning. 1 star off because It gave me slight heartburn.

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Andrew P. August 11, 2022


The only sleep supplement you'll ever need!

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