Antonio D. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

6 months ago

Can't wait till this reaches the market

It relaxed me before bed, and increased my deep sleep score!

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Faith S. July 10, 2020

Ummm, can you say AWESOME?!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š

This is only day 1, but I was eager to share my experience after ONLY one day. I assumed the product would need to get into your system and require a few days to do so, but I noticed better sleep after day 1. I find it interesting that there really isn’t any sedating effects as stated on the bott...

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Julie W. July 11, 2020

EXCELLENT with smaller dose

I’m quite sensitive to everything, so I started with 2 capsules; slept well but not long enough. Took 4 capsules the 2nd evening & had a headache within an hour that lasted alllll night. Also had a racing mind & restless legs, slept poorly. Tried 2 capsules the 3rd night & barely slep...

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Anesha R. July 16, 2020

It works!!!

So the very first day I took the product about 4 hours before I normally (would like) to go to sleep. I felt a tiredness I don’t normally feel until around 11pm much earlier. Almost like a calming effect. I continued to take the product 3-4 hours before bed and did notice that I had no trouble fa...

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Stephen B. September 7, 2020

Wonderful state of mind

Taking qualia night a few hours before bed makes sleep feel more natural and relaxing. My sleep is deep and rejuvenating.

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